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Social Responsibility & Community Engagement


Mary Hayashi is a passionate agent for positive change, and she has spent her career working to lead the way toward a brighter future. She fortifies charitable foundations and corporations, refining their philanthropic strategies for maximum support and impact, honing in on pivotal needs, and architecting plans for impactful contribution. 

Drawing on her extensive background in healthcare and advocacy, Mary is not only a generous benefactor but also a donor-advisor for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Her leadership also extended as the driving force behind the Women’s Sports Safety Initiative, amplifying the discourse on sports-related injuries and spotlighting the distinct risks faced by girls and women.

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Mary presiding over API Heritage Month


Mary Hayashi took decisive action in the California State Legislature to champion the welfare of student-athletes. Leading the charge with AB 25, she set forth the nation’s toughest and most robust return-to-play guidelines. Cosponsored by the NFL, this groundbreaking legislation mandates school districts to sideline athletes from school-sanctioned sports upon signs of a concussion or head trauma. And, expanding her vision for student safety, Mary pioneered AB 1451, incorporating concussion education into the mandatory first aid training for every high school coach across California. Moreover, Mary authored AB 509, which led to the establishment of California’s Office of Suicide Prevention. She also wrote AB 73, which secured enduring resources and permanent funding for domestic violence countermeasures, from prevention to intervention to prosecution, within Alameda County.


Prior to her influential tenure in the California State Legislature, Mary was a driving force behind the campaign championing Proposition 63, which fortified funding for vital mental health initiatives. Recognizing her leadership and expertise, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger entrusted her with a pivotal role on the California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission. Nationally recognized for her insights, Mary was a distinguished speaker at the inaugural White House Conference on Mental Health and served in a leadership position within the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.


Mary Hayashi with Tipper Gore, mental health advocate


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In the vanguard of healthcare, public policy, diversity and equality, Mary Hayashi’s leadership transcends the standard definition of a public affairs consultant. A proven strategist, trusted advisor, staunch reformer, and passionate champion of underserved communities, Mary has spent over 30 years forging transformative alliances and pioneering meaningful change.