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Mary is a sentinel in governmental and business affairs, shaping the course for a diverse group of leaders and organizations. As the principal of Public Policy & Advocacy Solutions, she organizes compelling narratives, dissects intricate policies, fosters robust coalitions, and rallies influential allies. A state and national level champion of hardworking people, Mary equips her clientele with a strategic arsenal of tools and insights that pave new avenues for tangible political and legislative victories.

In the legislature, Mary's extensive policymaking involvement encompasses transportation, revenue, taxation, health, and insurance. And, serving as a key figure in Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s leadership team, Mary presided over the Business and Professions Committee, safeguarding consumer interests and reinforcing government transparency and accountability.

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Mary's strategic vision was paramount in the passage of SB 493, a monumental legislation which ensured Californians, regardless of their geography or financial stature, had unobstructed access to top-tier healthcare via pharmacists. Further, she has orchestrated successful campaigns for essential statewide ballot measures and, in her capacity as a Senior Advisor, counseled an array of state and national political figures. From orchestrating Political Action Committees to spearheading legislative advocacy, Mary’s passion and impact have brought about some of the nation’s most impactful policy and advocacy initiatives—especially in realms of healthcare, diversity, and equal opportunity.

At the strategic helm of the California Hospital Association (CHA), Mary was instrumental in ensuring California’s hospital and healthcare infrastructures were fairly and robustly represented, safeguarding their interests across regulatory domains, legislative platforms, and administrative circles.

And in a pivotal role serving Los Angeles, California, Mary was a key contributor to Mayor Karen Bass’s transition advisory team, pinpointing exceptional talent for pivotal roles and charting the trajectory for Los Angeles's promising future.


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In the vanguard of healthcare, public policy, diversity and equality, Mary Hayashi’s leadership transcends the standard definition of a public affairs consultant. A proven strategist, trusted advisor, staunch reformer, and passionate champion of underserved communities, Mary has spent over 30 years forging transformative alliances and pioneering meaningful change.