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public policy and advocacy

Representing a diverse group of leaders and organizations in business and governmental affairs, Mary works on some of today’s most complex public policy issues. Her responsibilities as the principal of Public Policy & Advocacy Solutions include message development, policy analysis, coalition development, and ally recruitment. An advocate at the state and national level, Mary provides clients with the tools to implement political and legislative strategies that achieve goals and get results.

From transportation and revenue to taxation, health, and insurance, Mary has played an active role in various policy committees within the state legislature. Mary was a leadership team member for Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, chairing the Business and Professions Committee and overseeing consumer protection and government oversight.

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As a consultant, Mary served as the lead strategist for SB 493, a bill that has successfully enabled pharmacists to deliver quality healthcare services to all California residents, regardless of location or income. In addition, she has managed successful campaigns for statewide ballot measures and, as Senior Advisor, has advised the campaigns of state and national political figures. From planning the Political Action Committees to legislative advocacy, Mary has developed some of the most successful public policy and advocacy programs, particularly in diversity, equal opportunity, and healthcare.

As a former consultant for the California Hospital Association (CHA), Mary helped ensure that the interests of the state’s hospitals and healthcare systems were fairly represented within regulatory agencies and at the legislative and administrative levels.

Mary served as part of the transition advisory team for Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, helping to identify talent for critical positions and shape the future of Los Angeles.


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At the intersection of diversity, equality, public policy, and healthcare, Mary Hayashi is not your typical public affairs consultant. She’s a strategist and advisor, advocate, and philanthropist. She pursues meaningful reform and creates steadfast partnerships.