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Mary stands as a leading architect in championing diversity and gender equality in California and across the nation. With precision and authority, she collaborates with corporate and non-profit entities, crafting and executing formidable, comprehensive strategies that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Mary Hayshi With Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi


Mary’s leadership has been instrumental in confronting some of the nation’s significant health challenges. Spearheading the American Public Health Association’s California Campaign to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health, Mary operated under the esteemed guidance of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher. She tenaciously pursued the elimination of health disparities while fortifying bioterrorism preparedness initiatives.

In her role as Executive Director for Capital Unity Council, Mary secured the site’s procurement and initiated a fundraising feasibility study for the center's capital campaign. The Unity Center serves as an interactive learning museum that raises awareness of California’s rich diversity through historical exhibits and ongoing social science research.

"Mary Hayashi is one of America’s best health care advocates. Mary’s work on behalf of women’s health, children’s mental health, and affordable health care for families has earned my respect."

- Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass


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In the vanguard of healthcare, public policy, diversity and equality, Mary Hayashi’s leadership transcends the standard definition of a public affairs consultant. A proven strategist, trusted advisor, staunch reformer, and passionate champion of underserved communities, Mary has spent over 30 years forging transformative alliances and pioneering meaningful change.