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The Impact of Environment on Breast Cancer: Mary Hayashi's Perspective

The Impact of Environment on Breast Cancer: Mary Hayashi’s Perspective

By admin / April 21, 2023

As we strive to create a healthier planet, it is important to understand the impact of our actions on our health and well-being. – Mary Hayashi Mary Hayashi – Happy Earth Day! Today we celebrate our planet and raise awareness about the importance of protecting it. In honor of this day, I want to discuss…

Stress awareness month - Mary Hayashi

Mary Hayashi – Stress Awareness Month

By admin / April 14, 2023

The disparity in mental health issues between genders “is a significant public health issue that deserves our attention” – Mary Hayashi   Mary Hayashi – Stress Awareness Month, which takes place in April each year, provides an opportunity to educate the public about the causes and consequences of stress. One issue that I, Mary Hayashi…

mary hayashi gender biases in the workplace - mary hayashi

Mary Hayashi – Gender Bias in the Workplace

By admin / April 7, 2023

“It is important to address gender bias in the workplace to create a fair and inclusive work environment that allows everyone to reach their full potential.” – Mary Hayashi.   Gender bias in the workplace is a pervasive issue that affects many individuals, particularly women and other marginalized groups. This bias can manifest in various…

How Concussions Affect Female Athletes | Mary Hayashi

By admin / March 28, 2023

Mary Hayashi – Concussions have been a growing concern in sports for several years. From football to soccer, athletes are at risk of sustaining these traumatic brain injuries during games and practices. However, many overlook that concussions affect female athletes more than males.

Mary Hayashi: Women Who Paved The Way

By admin / March 28, 2023

Women’s History Month is celebrated annually in March to honor the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. It is a time to reflect on the progress that has been made and to continue to

Female Athletes Are Closing The Gender Gap When It Comes To Concussions

By admin / July 30, 2017

A recent NPR article by Jon Hamilton highlights the fact that, in terms of concussion, women are fast closing the gender gap.  Previously, one of the issues in understanding the gendered response to head injuries has been the lack of research into women’s concussion. 

Why Does it Seem Like Nobody Cares About Female Concussion?

By admin / July 12, 2017

Women suffer more concussions than men in the sports that both play, with an injury rate 50 percent higher, according to the most recent research. Female athletes with brain trauma tend to suffer different symptoms, take longer to recover and hold back information about their injuries for different reasons than males.

Young Female Athletes More at Risk for Concussion Than Males: New Study Confirms Earlier Findings

By admin / April 23, 2017

The lead author of a new study, Dr. Wellington Hsu, has an important message for parents, coaches, and athletic trainers: “While American football has been both scientifically and colloquially associated with the highest concussion rates, our study found that girls, and especially those who play soccer, may face a higher risk.”

Women’s Sports Safety Initiative: an Interview with Founder Mary Hayashi

By admin / January 23, 2017

One topic in particular that I am passionate about is concussion safety and during my time in the state legislature, I authored a number of bills focused on this topic, including AB 25, a concussion safety bill that placed California alongside Washington as the states with the toughest return-to-play laws for student athletes, into law.

What If We Stopped Putting Youth With Concussions Back in the Game?

By admin / July 23, 2016

The culture of “staying in the game” is changing, but kids still believe they need to be tough and play through injuries. Too often, they’re afraid to tell their coaches, trainers or parents when they think they have a concussion. Training coaches to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion will help ensure athletes are removed as soon as possible and reduce their risk for further injury.