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Award-Winning Author


Mary Hayashi is the award-winning author of Far From Home: Shattering the Myth of the Model Minority’The book traverses her own experience as an immigrant in the United States, explores Asian American culture and the impact it has on the health of her community, and shares her thoughts on how we can tackle health and wellness issues (such as domestic violence, mental health issues and reproductive rights) in this country.

Praise for ‘Far From Home’:

‘Mary Chung Hayashi is a tireless advocate for women’s health issues and an inspiration to the Asian American community that has long struggled in silence.’

— Redbook Magazine


‘…a sensitive, brave account of Mary Chung Hayashi’s journey from immigrant girl who speaks no English to a woman who knows the importance of breaking silences… this book could save lives.’

— Peggy Orenstein, Author of ‘FLUX: Women on Sex, Work, Love, Kids, and Life in a Half-Changed World’


‘FAR FROM HOME is an important achievement in the Asian American community. Using her own moving experience as a springboard, Hayashi puts forward a remarkable analysis of Asian American culture and its effect on our health.’

— Robert T. Matsui, (former) Congressman


‘If you found WHEN THE SPIRIT CATCHES YOU DOWN fascinating, you must read FAR FROM HOME. Mary’s personal account of growing up in Korea and coming to America causes one to reflect upon the things that are often taken for granted. It is a thoughtful analysis of the cultural shock that occurs when East meets West.’

— Carol Lee, (former) President of the California Medical Association Foundation


‘In recounting her pioneering health advocacy work and her family’s often painful journey of migration, Mary Chung Hayashi tells a story that is inspiring and sobering. She gives voice to the silent and gives lie to many myths, and her message deserves to reach a diverse leadership of parents, practitioners and policymakers.’

— Eric Liu, Author of ‘THE ACCIDENTAL ASIAN’ and former Senior White House Domestic Policy Advisor


‘Mary Chung Hayashi’s story is compelling, engaging, and enlightening. This is about one woman’s personal mission to create places for people who have been excluded, isolated, and alienated.’

— David T. Takeuchi, PhD, Professor, School of Social Work and Department of Sociology, University of Washington


‘FAR FROM HOME is an inspiring personal story that carries a powerful message of prevention to Asian Americans at risk for serious health problems…’

— Kathy Kneer, (former) President, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California

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