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Champion of Healthcare and Equality, Driving Visionary Change for Women in Leadership

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In Women in Politics, award-winning author and healthcare leader Mary Chung Hayashi offers a riveting exploration of the strides made by women in government. This essential, contemporary analysis bridges the gap between past and present, blending Mary’s personal journey as an Asian American immigrant and former California State Assemblymember with the inspiring stories of trailblazing women in political leadership. 

Featuring interviews and insightful discussions, Mary brings to life the trials and triumphs of these women, showcasing their invaluable contributions to political landscapes and the transformative power of their perseverance. Her work sheds light on the ongoing struggles for gender-political parity and serves as a call to action: we must actively participate in shaping our democracy. Women in Politics is not just a book; it’s a tribute to women’s political journey and a compass guiding us all toward a future of inclusive leadership and a truly representative democracy.

Out Comes The Sun - Mariel Hemingway and Melissa Yamaguchi Interview Mary Hayashi


Mary Hayashi is a formative figure in public affairs, shaping the narrative for professional associations, philanthropic bodies, and corporate pioneers. A beacon for business and policy vanguards, Mary’s civic vision has helped empower America to be the inclusive, representative democracy it was meant to be. She has masterfully represented business and policy leaders’ work through some of the most complex public policy issues of our time. Her strategic insight and leadership was paramount in spearheading the passage of the California Pharmacists Association's pivotal SB493, a landmark legislation that expanded the scope of practice for pharmacists, optimized healthcare access, and elevated the healthcare system’s caliber and efficacy.

As the effort’s chief strategist, Mary was responsible for developing comprehensive political and legislative blueprints, imparted invaluable policy insights, and united a broad spectrum of stakeholders under a common banner. In honor of her unparalleled commitment and advocacy, in 2015, Mary received the “California Pharmacists Association Friend of Pharmacy” and the “California Pharmacists Association President’s Award”—accolades for her instrumental role in cementing SB493 into law.


Barbie for President: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the White House Project and the Influence of Women in Leadership

Over the past 30 years, I have served the political arena in several roles—as an elected official, healthcare advocate, and most recently as a public affairs consultant. On panels and at events I’ve attended throughout my career, I’ve consistently heard the age-old question: “Can women have it all?” It’s a question that challenges women, who…

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Mayor Karen Bass Transition Advisory Team Press Release

I am honored to serve on Mayor Karen Bass’s transition team and help her identify the best possible talent for positions in the Mayor’s Office and the City’s Boards and Commissions. If you have the skills and commitment to the city’s needs, please apply. Healthcare advocate and former California State Assemblymember Mary Hayashi Joins Los…

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We Must Invest More Resources in Mental Health – Mary Hayashi 

Mental health is a critical issue in California, with a significant shortage of mental health professionals across the state, particularly for children and teenagers. Despite efforts by government and community leaders to increase investment in workforce development, the situation continues to worsen, with more and more children being seen in emergency rooms for suicidal thoughts.

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Why Does it Seem Like Nobody Cares About Female Concussion?

Women suffer more concussions than men in the sports that both play, with an injury rate 50 percent higher, according to the most recent research. Female athletes with brain trauma tend to suffer different symptoms, take longer to recover and hold back information about their injuries for different reasons than males.

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